Signature Gathering is the Essence of Democracy

One of the most important things we can do as members of the Green-Rainbow Party is to vote, to make our Green voices heard. But if we don’t have candidates on the ballot, we can only perpetuate the political status quo. In November 2022, we lack the excitement of a presidential campaign, but we elect key state officers and representatives who can kill or promote essential initiatives in this time of domestic violence, war, and pandemic. Continue reading

Michael Lavery Begins his "Ground Game"

The t-shirts and bumper stickers have been printed and the yard signs are on the way. Michael Lavery’s campaign for State Representative is underway in the 3rd Berkshire District. Continue reading

Greens Celebrate May Day with Gloria Caballero-Roca

Optimism and solidarity were in the air on May Day. For 112 years, May 1st has been a celebration of laborers and the working classes throughout the world. Known as “International Workers Day,” it is an important day for the movement that gave us the eight-hour workday, the minimum wage, trade unions, Social Security, and worker’s rights. Continue reading

Democratic Intentions are not Enough

Actions speak louder than words. From the Squad to the Bluest Blue dog Democrat with their recent, unquestioning vote for $40 billion for Ukraine they have continued to sell the people down the river in favor of war. The relation of the Peace movement to the Democratic Party has elements of an abusive relationship. They (Dems) promise that, if elected, they will prove their loving commitment to us. Their behavior will improve. Hopeful voters, once again, elect Democrats. And whammy, we get smacked in the face after voting for the “lesser evil”, we lose the right of choice for women, and gain a 100% vote for war--not one single vote in the party for peace!! Continue reading