Letter from our Secretary June 2023

Thank you for electing me your Secretary at our May 6th Green-Rainbow convention. I would like to expand a bit on my acceptance remarks. After thanking John Andrews and MK Merelice (now deceased) for their GRP Secretary's handbook and for the help and advice given to me by John Andrews and Josh Gerloff (both past secretaries) and oodles of help from Brian, Lois, and Eileen, I want to build on the foundation of record-keeping that has happened as the GRP has evolved (since the early 2000s). When I worked on my town's bicentennial, I realized how important it is to keep accurate and well-maintained documents for the future. Continue reading


Greetings readers!Pride Month is here!  It began June first.  The GRP is proud to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and a strong advocate for gay rights here in Massachusetts. In honor of this commitment, the GRP will be tabling at several Pride events across the state to show our support for the community, especially at a time when anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment is spreading and becoming mainstream by Republican Lawmakers giving the green light for other bigoted groups around the country to be open with their hate. Continue reading

Non-Violence is the Viable Option

Must we accept black-and-white thinking regarding this war? Here are some questions to challenge our assumptions. Continue reading

Green-Rainbow Party State Convention

The Green-Rainbow Party of MA hosted its annual State Party Conventionon May 6, 2023 This was our first in-person GRP Convention since the Covid Pandemic hit us two years ago. ELECTION RESULTS Office Candidate First Place Votes Second Place Votes Total Support Female Co-Chair           NOTO 18   18   Lois Gagnon 2 0 2   Jamie Guerin 1 1 1   Eileen Wheeler Sheehan 1 0 0   Nelly Medina 1 0 0 Non-binary or Male Co-Chair           Mike Pascucci 23 0 23   David Barkley 0 1 0   NOTO 0   0 Treasurer           Brian Cady 23 0 23   NOTO 0   0 Secretary           Maureen Doyle 17 5 17   Mike (BigMike) Vaglica 5 9 5   NOTO 1   1   Mike Pascucci 0 1 0 Communications Director           Eileen Wheeler Sheehan 20 0 20   NOTO 3   1   Jack Swindlehurst 0 2 0 Membership Director           Zachary Kontra 23 0 23   NOTO 0   0 Fundraising Director           NOTO 23   23 Female GPUS Delegate (2 seats)           Maureen Doyle 19 0 19   NOTO 0   0 Non-Binary or Male GPUS Delegate (2 seats)           Danny Factor 7 10 17   Mike Pascucci 13 3 16   NOTO 3   3 Female GPUS alternate           NOTO 22   22   Maureen Doyle 1 0 1 Non-Binary or Male GPUS alternate           NOTO 15   15   Mike Pascucci 6 1 7   Danny Factor 2 0 0 Office Candidate First Place Votes Second Place Votes Total Support Continue reading