Support Gay Pride Month in june

Join us at: Fall River June 4th-- noon to 4 PM Gates of the City, Ponta Delgado BLVD, Fall River MA  For details, contact Eileen at [email protected]  --AND--> Berkshire Pride Sat Jun 3rd--11:00 am The Common Park, 100 First Street,  Pittsfield MA For details, contact Mike Lavery at [email protected]

Lexington's Tracer Lane Solar Project

Two prominent Lexington Greens joined forces with the group Healthy Lexington, Healthy Planet in My to publicly oppose the environmentally destructive Tracer Lane Solar Project. The plan of a private developer would remove trees to create a massive array of solar panels, just 400 feet from the Cambridge Reservoir., a major drinking water supply.  Residents would be exposed to polluting runoff commonly associated with deforestation and large solar installations.  Jill Stein and John Andrews wrote in the Lexington Sun that "solar" belongs "on roofs and in parking lots – not in scarce forests and open space."  

The Dark Side of First Light's Dam Proposal

Rick Purcell and I attended a rally opposing the 50-year extension of the operating license of the First Light energy-pumped storage facility in Northfield on the Connecticut River.     The environmental impacts of the power station remain inadequate. While there I readily detected an additional environmental issue so far not accounted for, but which is only now being added to the review process for licensing dams. Continue reading

Letter from our Secretary June 2023

Thank you for electing me your Secretary at our May 6th Green-Rainbow convention. I would like to expand a bit on my acceptance remarks. After thanking John Andrews and MK Merelice (now deceased) for their GRP Secretary's handbook and for the help and advice given to me by John Andrews and Josh Gerloff (both past secretaries) and oodles of help from Brian, Lois, and Eileen, I want to build on the foundation of record-keeping that has happened as the GRP has evolved (since the early 2000s). When I worked on my town's bicentennial, I realized how important it is to keep accurate and well-maintained documents for the future. Continue reading