"Ithaka," One Family's Tragic Journey

A very moving film about the abuse of the world's most famous publisher/whistleblower was shown at three theaters in Massachusetts two weeks ago.  Jill Stein introduced the film at the Somerville Theater on March 22nd.  She, also, offered some remarks in an interview, after the show. Julian Assange's father, John, and brother, Gabriel Shipton created the film and have accompanied it around the country to highlight the fact that Julian, as the publisher of Wikileaks, is constitutionally protected under the First Amendment.  Continue reading

Nonviolence: This is the 4th article demonstrating our GRP 10-key Values at Work in the World by John Blumenstiel

by John Blumenstiel  Increasingly we hear the question: "Why is everything breaking down?" Whether we struggle to find a new primary care physician, are anguished when schools can't help our kids with learning difficulties or are frazzled when trying to commute on broken public transportation, we see the breakdowns all around us.  Let's not forget deadly sewage and water systems (think Jackson, Mississippi, and Flint, Michigan) or toxic train crashes poisoning communities as just happened in East Palestine, Ohio. Continue reading

In Memoriam: Mel King

by Jill Stein  The Green-Rainbow Party mourns the loss of Mel King, an icon of Boston politics and founding father of the Green-Rainbow Party, who died at home on March 28. Mel King was a poet, politician, philosopher, and irrepressible force for good. He inspired the best in everyone he touched, as a man who knew no enemies, and for whom "love is the question and the answer." Continue reading

Co-Chair Statement on Biden's Approval of the Willow Project and the Timing of the Final Warning Report from the IPCC

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s “Final Warning” report on the climate was released just days after the world’s second-largest polluter, the US, authorized new drilling in Alaska. The Willow Project, over its expected lifespan, will add 278 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, the equivalent of 70 new coal plants per year, according to the EPA’s greenhouse gas calculator. The Willow Project expects to be drilling through at least 2050, the same year the world should be at net-zero emissions. Continue reading