Hello Readers! This month we are showcasing our new GRP literature for 2023 and some flashback items from previous years.  All items will be available at our membership table during the Green-Rainbow Party State Convention on May 6, 2023. See you there! Continue reading

Gloria Caballero Roca Runs for School Committee

I am running for the School Committee of Holyoke, MA for many reasons: I am an educator by degree and by experience. Having a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics and Literature with a double major in Latin American, Caribbean, and Portuguese studies, and a second Ph.D. in Gender and Diversity, majoring in Auto-ethnography, along with two Master's degrees in Latin American Studies and Women's and Gender Studies, plus a BA in English Language Translation and Interpretation makes me a very well rounded candidate. With experience teaching at high school and college levels both public and private, in national and international contexts, I have experience working with diverse communities, designing curricula, and interdisciplinary collaborating. Continue reading

Ecological Wisdom

I woke up the other morning, looked outside, and saw robins foraging for grubs in my unfrozen backyard. I looked at the thermometer and saw it was 52 degrees, the sun shining, and wondered where winter had gone.  I realized that I hadn't had to shovel any snow and thought to myself:  Wow what a wonderful winter we had, but I am still glad it is gone.  I went to my calendar to check my schedule and found that it was February 9th and we still had 6 weeks of winter left.  Maybe that groundhog Punxsutawney Phil has it all wrong.  Maybe that rodent is merely a purveyor of "alt facts'', "false news" or worse yet an "asset" of the SSIC (Snow Shovel Industrial Complex) or just a plain run-of-the-mill "useful idiot".  Whatever it is, something seems seriously amiss. And that is factual!!   Continue reading

Negotiation Not Domination Rally

On Friday, February 24th approximately 100 peace protesters in 5 cities across the Commonwealth delivered messages to their congressional representatives including Senators Warren and Markey, Representatives McGovern, Auchincloss, and Neal. Organized by Mass Peace Action, a wide range of peace activists sent their joint call for a negotiated settlement to the Ukraine War. The elected officials have largely supported the American war machine.   Continue reading