Webinar: "Ukraine, Fossil Fuels, and Unanswered Questions"

The Green-Rainbow Party supports the Green Party of ST Louis' program on Wed., May 4th at 8 PM ET.  Topics include: What does the Ukraine War tell us about the challenges of humanity’s urgent need to reduce fossil fuel usage? How does the war reflect colonialism and racism? How well is President Zelensky coping with opposition political parties and the Azov Battalion? Join us for a discussion of Ukraine’s history, Joe Biden’s role in that history, the 2014 coup, the risk of using nuclear weapons, and NATO's actions, as well as how the media affects our perceptions of the war. What is key to bringing peace to Ukraine? Continue reading

Rally May 7 for Peace in Ukraine

1:00  PM to 2:30 PM Boston, Park Street Station, Park & Tremont  Fall River, One Government Center Code Pink, MAPA, and the Green-Rainbow Party call for rallies before the NATO Summit in Madrid on June 29th.  Join us on May 7th.  Not one more life for imperial war!

Who Needs a Climate When We Can Sell Gas to Europe?

On Friday, March 25, in Brussels, President Biden announced a “deal” with the European Union to “end the bloc’s dependence on Russia’s energy exports.” He committed the United States and its “international partners'' to selling vast quantities of liquefied natural gas to the EU starting this year. US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm stated The Biden administration is urging the U.S. oil and gas industry to ramp up production to meet demand and to help lower prices for working families everywhere. Continue reading

Boycott Gasoline - Earth Day to May Day

No Fossil Fuels. No War. No Climate Catastrophe. Earth Day Strike 2022 for People, Planet, and Peace over Profit As armed conflict drives us closer than ever to the brink of nuclear annihilation – we are also plunging over the cliff of climate catastrophe! Oil and gas are fueling both of these disasters. Continue reading