Boycott Gasoline - Earth Day to May Day

No Fossil Fuels. No War. No Climate Catastrophe. Earth Day Strike 2022 for People, Planet, and Peace over Profit As armed conflict drives us closer than ever to the brink of nuclear annihilation – we are also plunging over the cliff of climate catastrophe! Oil and gas are fueling both of these disasters. Continue reading

Letter From a Green-Rainbow Russian Native

Hello Peacemakers, On March 3rd, my brother was assaulted and arrested just for walking down the street from the grocery store, and because he wasn't registered to live in the city of Belgorod, Russia. He was released after providing a large bail. My brother texted me saying that his hands were shivering from the cold because they turned his heat off, and because of fear, but he couldn't tell which feeling prevailed. "I've never had to debate where this kind of madness comes from", he wrote. His words are keen to speak to 95% of Russian citizens in his city near the border.  Continue reading

Julian Assange is Married under the Eye of Prison Guards... his Last Appeal is Knocked Back to the Original Court. Julian Assange, Wikileaks publisher, was married to his devoted partner in Belmarsh Prison as his appeals against lifetime incarceration in the United States (for telling the truth) are shrinking.   Continue reading

Grp...How To Resolve Conflicts

In an effort to build the Green-Rainbow Party, 20 active members have committed to working together effectively, building a common strategy out of the many, heartfelt, divergent views and passions. Two workshops were held in February and March, led by Kara Hunter, Executive Director of the YOLO Conflict Resolution Center. Continue reading