Indigenous Wisdom And Environmental Survival

by John Blumenstiel:   After the webinar on "EcoAction and Climate" sponsored by GPUS EcoAction Committee on October 11, 2021, it has become clear to this writer that a successful defense of a life-supporting sustainable environment requires an integrated two-track approach, one legal/political (Western/Euro orientation) and the other, spiritual/cultural (Indigenous Wisdom orientation). This communication is an effort to create a viable synthesis between these two seemingly differing paradigms. Continue reading

Mass-Care Coalition testifies at Medicare for All Hearing on October 26th

We are the only “developed” nation without universal access to health care.  Not only is US health care more expensive than all other industrialized nations, but we Americans are less healthy than citizens in more than half of countries worldwide as measured by the World Population Review. Continue reading

Greens Rally for Reproductive Rights

On October 2nd, Greens and their allies rallied in parks around the state for women's reproductive rights.  They were part of the massive national mobilization of Americans sparked by the passage of a Texas law that deputizes private citizens to sue anyone believed to "aid and abet" an abortion, collecting a bounty of $10,000 from the victim of such a lawsuit. Continue reading

Dear Secretary Blinken, Palestinian Civil Rights Groups are not Terrorists

Question: When are human rights groups labeled “terrorists” and their members subject to imprisonment or worse? Continue reading