Dear Secretary Blinken, Palestinian Civil Rights Groups are not Terrorists

Question: When are human rights groups labeled “terrorists” and their members subject to imprisonment or worse? Continue reading

Pioneer Valley Green-Rainbow Chapter Has Changed its Name

Western Mass Green-Rainbow Regional (From their Facebook page, October 10, 5:59 pm) Blessings to all who observe Indigenous People's Day! In an effort to decolonize our name, our chapter voted tonight to become a regional, but also to drop the offensive and colonial reference to "Pioneer" and become the Western Mass Regional Chapter! Continue reading

St. Vincent Nurses Strike Oct. 24, 2021 followup

by Jaime Guerin: Thank you to all who came out to support the nurses at St. Vincent. I was going to bring my kids, but at the last moment decided to leave them at home as it was a lazy Sunday for them. I remember the day before, when they assumed they would be going, they had all sorts of questions about what a strike is, how long it lasted, why were they on strike, and so on.  If you want to understand the youth perspective of kids whose parents are presently striking here is an article in Teen Vogue that highlights the Nurses' strike at St. Vincent's Hospital in Worcester.

The Tragic Consequences of "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

"Out of Sight, Out of mind" is an old adage that purveys a great deal about the current state of our affairs. It is a dangerous state of mind that allows much global suffering brought about by the few with a blind acquiescence by the many. Over the span of our lifetimes it has resulted in genocides, environmental destruction, and needless worldwide suffering. Continue reading