SouthCoast Pride Festival Features Greens

On June 27, Fall River hosted its Second Annual Pride Festival, organized by the Fall River Pride Committee and its co-Chair, GRP StateCom member Sean Connell.  Mayor Paul Coogan welcomed the LBGTQ community and its friends.  Excellent weather aided the lively dancers, drag queens, singers in colorful costumes, and the well-stocked food trucks. Continue reading

Empire, Assange, & the Imperative for Independent Politics

A Conversation with Jill Stein Tuesday, July 27 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Jill Stein, medical doctor and co-founder of the global Doctors for Assange, will bring us the latest news of the United States’ multi-year persecution of publisher Julian Assange. She will cover the synchronized assault on press freedom, and its role in imperial US foreign policy. DR Stein will discuss standing up to the two party system, as learned from her past presidential and gubernatorial runs.   Continue reading

Stop Israel's Attacks on Palestine

    Join Us to Raise our Voices NOW     Webinar at 8 pm EST, Wednesday, August 4, 2021       Continue reading


A statement from our co-chairs:   What kind of crazy world do we live in where a country blockades food, medicine, and the right to world trade, and then, when the people suffer from starvation and contagions, they decide to jump in and attempt to overthrow its government in the name of "humanitarian assistance”? Continue reading