• The public education system should emphasize the importance of broad information, critical thinking, good citizenship, civic participation, and healthy self-realization.  As inscribed across the walls of the Boston Public Library, "The Commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty" -- not merely as a tool for "competing in the global economy" as our politicians keep saying.  An educated citizenry is necessary to operate a democracy, a form of government that depends on informed universal participation.

  • We oppose the privatization of public education through charter schools and vouchers, and the distortion of the educational mission that occurs when education becomes the mere training of students to serve near-term corporate employment needs.

  • We must prepare students for living in a sustainable society as world resources dwindle and climate change brings local and world-wide upheavals.

  • Tuition and fees at public institutions of higher learning must be reduced to past low levels, to allow lower-income students an equal opportunity for education.

  • Standardized testing (such as MCAS) must not be used to punish students and teachers, and to justify the dismantling of the public school system for the benefit of corporate investors..

  • We support a fully funded public library system.

  • We support the right of school systems to provide bilingual education classes when they judge this is in the best interests of their students.

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