War and Peace

The use of military force as an offensive and coercive instrument in pursuit of United States foreign policy has resulted in a more dangerous world, enormous suffering in targeted countries, unwise alliances, and an enormous waste of our nation’s limited financial resources.

  • We oppose the construction of the Biosafety Level 4 biological warfare laboratory in the Roxbury/South End area of Boston.
  • We oppose the intrusion of military recruiting into public educational institutions.
  • We deplore the escalation of violence in the Middle East, and call upon both Israeli and Palestinian forces to cease all offensive actions in that region. We call for all parties, including the United States, to refrain from attempts to use force to topple democratically-elected governments.
  • We support speedy disengagement from military engagement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.
  • We support major reductions in the bloated Pentagon budget.
  • We support the demilitarization of United States foreign policy, to be replaced by initiatives to build stable, multilateral, democratic societies in which the rights of people to self-determination are respected.
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