We support a system of affordable, universal single-payer health care similar to that which has been successful in the other developed nations of the world. 

The current system wastes about 20% of total health care costs on handling administrative paperwork and enriching profiteering insurance companies. Obamacare fails to seriously address waste, fails to relieve bloated health care prices, and fails to adequately cover Americans in need.

Medicare's administration costs are about 3%.  Why don't we make Medicare for all?  This would save money, help standardize quality, and devote more of our health care dollars to actual services. 

We need to eliminate Medicare fraud committed by private providers, and free up those wasted billions of dollars for care as well.

Until we have a universal system, we should eliminate penalties on people who do not purchase private health care coverage and demand that steps be taken to ensure that people do not lose their health coverage when their employment situations change.

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