Climate Change & Renewable Energy

May 21, 2014 statement in opposition to planned fracked gas pipelines.

We need a national and state "Manhattan Project" to make renewable energy the primary source of energy.

• Sign binding international treaties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and halt deforestation, with a goal of reducing global atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gasses to no more than 350ppm (CO2 equivalent).

• Set a starting target of 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts over a twelve-year period.

• Make conservation, not production, the first priority of energy policy. Provide financial supports and incentives to expedite energy conservation/efficiency measures with an expected payback time of less than 20 years.

• Commit to a “green economy” with initiatives to create community-based green jobs. Low-income groups should be early beneficiaries of the job growth anticipated in an environmentally sustainable economy.

• Enact a carbon tax to change economic incentives. If fossil fuels are required to reflect their true overall costs, the lower costs of renewable energy will become evident.

• Expand use of wind, solar, and geothermal energy, and decentralize energy production with the construction of a “smart” electricity grid for energy storage.

• Enact land use reforms and relocalize economic activities leading to sustainable communities invulnerable to manipulations in the oil markets.

• Phase out nuclear power.  That's what Germany and Japan are doing; we don't need to have another catastrophe before doing the same.

• Phase out coal-burning power plants.  There is no "clean" coal.

• Ban biofuels derived from food crops or from crops grown on land whose clearing contribute to deforestation.

Governmental Definition of Clean Engery

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