Jill Stein Defends Julian Assange at Boston Rally

At a "Home Run for Julian" event in Boston, June 9, Dr. Jill Stein continued to lead the effort to demand justice for the founder of Wikileaks and for a defense of democracy itself. Dr. Stein was joined by Julian Assange’s father and brother, John and Gabriel Shipton, to raise awareness of the dire conditions under which Assange is being held, and the role three successive American presidents have played in demanding his extradition to the United States. Continue reading

Voter Suppression with a Green Twinge

by John Blumentstiel UPDATE: As we go to press the Republican Party has, for now, defeated the S-1 legislation. We offer a revised article to clarify this, but include it in this issue so as to emphasize our party's concerns and ongoing commitment to a peoples' democracy. - EDITOR Continue reading

Pioneer Valley Greens Support Gloria Caballero Roca for Mayor of Holyoke

In early April 2021, the Pioneer Valley (PVG) Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party undertook a new mission - and Dr. Gloria Caballero Roca's campaign for Mayor of Holyoke became a reality. Continue reading

Costly Healthcare for the Few?

As we struggle to restructure our for-profit healthcare system into a for-the-people healthcare system, poll after poll demonstrates the large majority, perhaps a supermajority of Americans want Medicare for All. We know that it is the political/corporate leaders who will resist meaningful change at all costs. This newsletter will continue to update our readership with legislative changes at the state and federal level, as well as ways our readers can help to move our agenda forward individually and collectively. Following are some "nuts and bolts" information that will keep the ball rolling. Please get involved in whatever way possible to make our hopes become our reality. Continue reading